Rapid Computer Vision Implementation


Our TechVision platform is a ready-to-implement and highly customizable solution that lets you leverage computer vision backed by powerful machine learning and analytics technologies.
Our Vision for Computer Vision


Our TechVision solution is bringing the power of computer vision to small and medium-sized companies. The opportunities are endless, from protecting your employees from hazards to automating and optimizing pick and pack processes to detecting defects on production lines.

Our TechVision platform simply works, so there is no need for a long development cycle. Our team will work with you to customize the implementation whether you have a specific use case in mind, want to improve the use of computer vision in your operations, or to develop a specific vertical solution at scale.

Intelligent Vision


People + Workplace

Put AI and Vision Analytics to work in your workplace.

Supply Chain + Logistics

Optimize Your Entire Supply Chain with Intelligent Vision.

Inspection + Defect Identification

Leverage TechVision + for Zero Defects and Anomalies.

How to accelerate digitization?

TechVision Benefits


Faster and Simpler Processes

From protecting your employees to completing repetitive manual tasks, TechVision can simplify and speed up your processes.

Improved Products and Experiences

TechVision can help you improve everything from the quality of products rolling off the production line to the customer and employee experience.

Improved Profitability

TechVision can deliver a significant return on investment, enhancing profitability through cost reductions, productivity gains, and reduced risks.

Client Success




A true customer-centred consultancy as they helped us to understand our market and buyers at a time when there were very few players in the space. Worked with us from strategy to user experience design and all the way through the execution of our go-to-market architecture.

Danny Rodriguez
Drone and Robotics Company

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