Machine Learning & AI

A smart strategy and approach in turning machine learning andAI into actionable outcomes for businesses today is a must have not a nice to have…

A smart strategy and approach in turning
machine learning and AI into actionable outcomes
for businesses today is a must have not a nice to have…

Yes, ML and AI are some of the hottest topics in business today, including how it’s going to change the landscape of our lives, business and future.  It’s one of the single biggest technology revolutions since the advent of the internet. As the potential of AI and machine learning grows, so does every company need to leverage it in some form or fashion. But in the urgency to implement products and solutions powered by ML and AI,the need to have a vision, strategy, plan and internal champion in place is paramount or the chances of failure or lack of ROI increase exponentially.  There are more but this is what we call the baseline needs – also an experienced partner is great as it can be daunting depending on what and where you are starting.

There is no magic

Your ML and AI initiatives are only as good as your vision, skillsets and insights that fuel it.  You need a human and machine intelligence approach. We accelerate ML/AI in finding opportunities with the highest ROI for your business. ID’s AI and ML teams offers expertise with NLP, machine learning, automated ML, deep learning, cloud and data engineering, responsible AI and more.

Our solutions have helped companies re-imagine the way they operate. From AI-based predictive ecommerce influencers,to ML-based robotic construction navigation and reporting, to embedding ML and AI in web and mobile apps, our team has extensive experience building customized solutions.


We bring tomorrows ML and AI today…

We help develop your AI and ML learning strategies in starting with a pilot program that entails low-risk and high reward and the roadmap for long term success including:

  • Aligning AI and machine learning with your business strategy
  • Building the right-fit use cases
  • Developing the right-fit business case
  • Developing an MVP program for a line of business
  • A phased yet at-scale deployment across the line of business
  • Roadmap for enterprise-wide AI capability
  • An AI governance for security mitigation

ID Alliances

AI is big and no single company or institution can master everything ML and AI which is why ID takes a best of breed approach in partnering with the top universities and technology companies to think and run at scale.