Creative Experience

We deliver human-centered design that meets your business strategy.

We deliver human-centered design that meets your
business strategy.

Integrating design thinking into your business has never been more important.

Succeeding in tomorrow’s highly competitive world requires an “always on” mindset as customers are far more engaged across more devices and channels than ever.  Success is dependent on engaged customers & employees and a more engaged customer requires superior user engagement and delivering experiences that matter most to people in a rapidly disruptive world. The “always on” world has made it possible to do it 24/7. However, the amount of digital noise today has significantly shortened user’s attention spans. ID’s visual designers, UX specialists, and content experts work together to create a compelling and useful experience that cuts through the noise.

At ID we place our human centered design thinking at the core of everything we do both internally and with our clients.

We empower our clients with this philosophy and impart our processes with them as we collaborate across our projects and engagements.

A few areas we specialize in:

  • Design Thinking and the ID Process
  • Creative Design & UX
  • Prototyping & Visualization
  • Usability Testing
  • Brand Storytelling – Audio/Video, Content
  • Mobile and Application UX 
  • Portal Design and Experience