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If your marketing professionals are spending all their time on repetitive or manual tasks, they’re not spending time on strategy development, high-value account research, and customer nurturing. This puts you at risk of losing sales and leads and ultimately slowing your growth.

By automating marketing tasks, your team can concentrate on activities that power growth and add greater value to the business. Even better, your new automated systems deliver improved lead prioritization, greater insights into customer behavior, and more accurate sales trend and opportunity predictions.

At Inspiration Digital, we create an automation strategy and develop the tools you need to elevate your organization’s marketing game while increasing sales. You can do more, and do it better, with marketing automation. So let’s get started today.

Putting Data to Work


Personalized Engagement Models

Create experiences that resonate and connect at a personal level with dynamic, real-time analysis of user activities.

Optimized Targeting

Get the right messages to the right people by segmenting your audience based on data and filters most relevant to your business and their specific needs.

Lead Management

Close sales more quickly by automating your lead scoring process to improve accuracy, mitigate bias, and accelerate prospects through your sales funnel.

Insights that Matter

Make smarter decisions with just-in-time automated reports showing the insights that matter.

Path to Success

Partnering Snapshot

Customer and Results Focus

Our marketing automation solutions are customer-centered and deliver measurable results.

Driven by Data

We unleash the incredible marketing power in your organization’s data, developing solutions based on facts, not opinions or trends. 

Enabled by Technology

Technology is the enabler of marketing automation, and we’re the engineers and strategists who power the technology.

Powered by Experiences

We create experiences that delight your users through tailor-made marketing automation solutions.

Success Stories

Case studies

Healthtech: Branding & Expansion

Built a niche in the competitive healthtech market for the first AI powered CHD risk...

Ecommerce: B2B Customizer

Designed and developed a best-in-the-industry custom builder for a sports uniform manufacturer.

EdTech: Salesforce Migration

Enabled effective, cost efficient, and easy migration to Salesforce Lightning for a US based OPM.
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