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Does your retailing brand have a purpose?

Does your retailing brand have a purpose?

As a retailer what is your purpose and what makes you unique?

To thrive today retailers must operate effectively in an increasingly networked marketplace, with socially connected consumers and an ever-growing number of customer engagement channels – a digital first mindset has never been more important. Retailers need to expand their view of digital commerce beyond the “buy and compare” buttons to driving a consumer-centric eCommerce and In-Store strategy.

Additionally, a retailer’s social credentials have never been more important with consumers as topics such as diversity and inclusion and environmental responsibility are becoming important factors for not just the products themselves but the retailer offering them.

Customer-centricity is paramount to retailers

Todays’ world is channel-agnostic and winning is not just about getting your retail and eCommerce experience right – it is about having a unique, purpose driven brand that delights shoppers and customers.

One that is cohesive, consistent, and a has a compelling voice and experience across all touch points throughout the customer journey, both online and offline. This is especially true for digital natives who demand personalization and can easily navigate offline and online experiences and in turn requires the retail industry to design and implement better multi and omnichannel strategies.

Success depends on the latest innovations in digital, data, predictive analytics, AI, cloud, mobile, and social – and a whole new way of thinking and executing in todays’ market.

Do you have a connected retail strategy?

Never has there been a time previously where your customer and behavioral data (online and offline) can become your best marketing and experience asset to create a truly connected retail experience. It’s about transforming to a data driven organization and leveraging the right-fit technology across your eco-system.

Digital and business transformation is a cultural, workforce, and technological shift and is being driven by disruption, technology trends, consumer demands and changes that are enabling a new approach to how customers engage with retailers both online and offline.

Relevance, persistent personalization, and a commitment to a purpose that aligns with the values of consumers are the winning combination.

A few of the areas we help you lean-in to…

  • Customer Acquisition Strategy and Loyalty
  • Journey Mapping, Ethnography and Persona Development
  • The Connected Retail Experience
  • Leveraging Human Centered Design Thinking – CX/UX
  • Cloud Strategy and Execution
  • Understanding AI/ML in the Retail Industry
  • Big Data, Analytics and Visualization
  • Utilizing IoT and Connected Devices