Case Study

How Does a Company Reach Customers Who Aren’t Sure What They Need?

How Does a Company Reach
Customers Who Aren’t Sure
What They Need?

Making Drones & Robots Come Alive

Rise of the Machines

The commercial drone and robot market is exploding; unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and ground robots are being put to work with tasks ranging from border patrol to precision agricultural to inspections. Alive, a drone and robot company, sought to launch a new brand of robots, drones and software platform into this rapidly emerging but highly competitive and evolving marketplace.


How Does a Company Reach Customers Who Aren’t Sure of What They Need?

Alive faced two primary challenges: wishing to establish its brand as the gold standard in the robot and drone industry while educating customers about their options in an emerging market. What did the competitive landscape look like, and how could Alive elevate itself above the early incumbents in this space? Who were the buyer personas of drones and robots for companies, what were their needs, and what questions did they have about the current products and solutions in the market?

Educating Customers While Building Brand Affinity

Our solution was a compelling, educative user experience that didn’t just pitch potential customers but took them on a journey to determine their needs, match them with suitable options, and give them the necessary information to build a business case for their executive team. We also included a purchasing budget guideline and an equation to create a return on investment. The customer journeys were personalized according to industry and included visual and informative vignettes that resonated with users, along with videos that demonstrated how the platform worked.

The result was the successful launch of a new brand and marketplace architecture that garnered inbound demand generation and assisted in raising funding for the company. The brand and company executives were established as thought leaders, invited as guest speakers at numerous industry events as well as receiving inbound publication inquiries. Numerous programs were successfully piloted within a number of industries and clients