Case Study

Building on a Solid Foundation to Tell a Better Company Story

Building on a Solid Foundation
to Tell a Better Company Story

Bridgevine: Powering Customer Acquisition

Bridgevine is a 10-year-old customer acquisition company operating in a unique niche: acquiring new customers and maximizing the existing customer bases of utility companies, telecom and cable providers, and digital home service providers. Faced with a multitude of competitors, Bridgevine sought to rebrand itself while telling a better story of its best-in-class technology, digital marketing and call center capabilities.

How does a customer acquisition company acquire its own customers?

Bridgevine operates in a lucrative, highly specialized niche where it has extensive experience, deep knowledge, technical prowess, and solid partnerships with some of the largest digital home service providers in the nation. Bridgevine possesses leading-edge customer acquisition technology and proprietary ecommerce marketplaces, and the company pioneered social selling in the home services vertical.

However, Bridgevine was not effectively telling the best story about all it had to offer to its own potential customers. Faced with competition from pure play customer acquisition companies, digital agencies, and its customers’ own internal marketing efforts, Bridgevine needed to cut through the noise, speak personally to a variety of audience segments, and build the same types of relationships with them that it was building between its own customers and their user base.

Establishing Bridgevine as the Home of Customer Acquisition

Our solution was to build a brand that illustrates who Bridgevine is in the home services industry and demonstrate their knowledge and expertise across industries, vertical sectors and their customers. The company’s brand, website architecture and storytelling were rebuilt from the ground up with an entirely new brand presence. Content was crafted that told the story of the Bridgevine brand, connecting with their customer segments, empathizing with their needs and hitting on their pain points to demonstrate why Bridgevine’s solutions were miles ahead of the competition. The information and page level architecture was reworked to make certain that Bridgevine’s solution sets for each industry vertical were clear to visitors, and potential customers could quickly access information that was relevant to them.

As a result, we successfully launched a new brand, a responsive website, and sales collateral that Bridgevine was able to leverage across all of their marketing and sales channels. Bridgevine saw an increase in inbound demand generation and elevated its brand and story with both existing and new customers. The company’s leaders were invited to be guest speakers, were mentioned in publications, and are looked at as thought leaders in their industry.